ANTARSYA FRANCE: The most difficult night in Paris

Communiqué de Antarsya France pour les attentats à Paris (en Anglais)

Antarsya UK

The most difficult night in Paris

Their war, our dead

A unique attack in European history took place on Friday night. Terrorists related to the Islamic State (according to the information until now) killed more than 129 people with almost 200 injured, a lot of whom are in a critical condition. The testimonies, specifically from the Bataclan concert hall, in the 11th arrondissement are horrifying. Terrorists shot in the crowd and killed people one by one, whilst they were belted with explosives for accomplishing their aim when police would arrive.

The shock of this attack is greater than ever. The black ravens of the EU and extreme right wing invest on this feeling of mourning and anger. Marie Le Pen, seeking for a way to appear as the only reliable power of security, referred to the ‘right but belated’ borders’ closure asking for its permanent expansion and for the…

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Monsieur le Président, vous êtes tombé dans le piège !

« Votre discours est la répétition angoissante et presque mot à mot

de celui que GW Bush a tenu devant le Congrès américain

peu après les attentats du 11 septembre : « Des ennemis

de la liberté ont commis un acte de guerre contre notre pays. »


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